The library is your friend – literally and figuratively – there are whole worlds of coaches, mentors, sages, goofuses, imagineers, and friends to show us the way, stand by our side, and who will even entertain us. 

On Day 3 we talked about changing what you don’t like – quit doing what doesn’t work. You don’t have to do that by yourself – or try to figure-it-all-out by yourself…Chances are that someone has gone through what you are going through – or has experienced something similar and might have figured-out new distinctions and solutions that can help you – they will help you to learn and solve your dilemmas faster and smarter…and maybe not feel so alone. 

Reading is a gift for the soul, the mind, and the heart…and a good fitness book – well used -can be a gift for the body as well! A library is a free cafeteria of understanding and knowledge – thousands of dollars of free conferences and seminars inside CDs and DVDs and between the covers of books teaching success principles and even woodcarving – and an added attraction is that a library almost always has big comfie chairs!

Go to the library – it will change your life!