Whining is OK – sometimes, but after awhile – it is just annoying and boring. Come-to-think-of-it…whining is not OK anytime. It isn’t good for you and it isn’t good for the person or people who either feel obligated to listen or who might just be waiting their turn to out-whine-you…and none of us need to get into a ‘my is is harder-then-you-life’ contest…I guarantee you – about 2 billion people on this earth have it a lot tougher than you! And if you are one of the 2 billion – blessings to you – what do you need?

I suppose that we sometimes need a safe place to ‘get-things-off-of-our-chest’, but ‘venting’ really is different than whining. Whining involves a ‘poor-me’, ‘I am a victim’, no-body-likes-me-think-I’ll-go-eat-worms’ chorus. Chances are, we’ve heard the same story from you before – chances are – you don’t really want advice, perspective or some type of help – chances are  – you thrive on your misery in some way-or-another….maybe solving your problem – like leaving that bozo who you don’t think you can live without – is more painful to you than staying with said bozo?

But, to lead a terrific life, whining has to go and solutions have to come…Remember that whatever you focus-on you get more-of…Look past what you want to whine – complain – about and think about what you really want and focus there.