Terrific Life – Postcard Day 12

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Doubt it? Watch a sunset. Watch how a baby moves naturally in-time to music. Watch puppies play. Watch a dolphin fly off of a wave. Feel the cool sand between your toezies.  Roll down the window of your car and feel the air and all of its wonderful smells and sensations blast you in the face. Feel the sunshine on your face. Finish a project and feel the pride. Hug a child. Eat a warm sweet peach.

Life is joy – and joy is everywhere…focus on it and you will find more-and-more joy!


Terrific Life – Postcard Day 11

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Whining is OK – sometimes, but after awhile – it is just annoying and boring. Come-to-think-of-it…whining is not OK anytime. It isn’t good for you and it isn’t good for the person or people who either feel obligated to listen or who might just be waiting their turn to out-whine-you…and none of us need to get into a ‘my is is harder-then-you-life’ contest…I guarantee you – about 2 billion people on this earth have it a lot tougher than you! And if you are one of the 2 billion – blessings to you – what do you need?

I suppose that we sometimes need a safe place to ‘get-things-off-of-our-chest’, but ‘venting’ really is different than whining. Whining involves a ‘poor-me’, ‘I am a victim’, no-body-likes-me-think-I’ll-go-eat-worms’ chorus. Chances are, we’ve heard the same story from you before – chances are – you don’t really want advice, perspective or some type of help – chances are  – you thrive on your misery in some way-or-another….maybe solving your problem – like leaving that bozo who you don’t think you can live without – is more painful to you than staying with said bozo?

But, to lead a terrific life, whining has to go and solutions have to come…Remember that whatever you focus-on you get more-of…Look past what you want to whine – complain – about and think about what you really want and focus there.

Terrific Life – Postcard Day 10

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Did you thank your mom yet today? Some moms are pretty terrible – chances are they had a terrible mom, but not always…Like you – they choose.

In your case, you have a mom who went through tough times and still stood by your side, did all she could to help you on your path, and has never abandoned you.

And if you had a narcissistic soul for a mom or someone who just couldn’t get over their ‘stuff’ enough to see how magnificent you are – thank them for doing the best they could. Remember Day 1 – ERASE – and forgive what needs forgiving?  Do that. I once heard that forgiveness is what you do for yourself – not for the person who hurt you.

Thank your mom…and your dad…parenting isn’t easy…it exposes us at our most vulnerable. Remember too to focus on gratitude…Day 2!

Who is Responsible: Postcard Day 9-Terrific Life

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Who is responsible for your life? For the quality of your life? For the lack of anything in your life? 

This isn’t a question about ‘who is responsible for the events in your life?” This is a question about “Who is responsible for the results in your life?”

Event + your response = your outcome (as Dr. Stephen R. Covey explains in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, E + R = O). In all of her writings, in her speeches and all of her interviews, I never once heard Mother Teresa complain about events – because she knew that she was responsible for how she responded to any event in her life.

Events do not define us, nor do they predict our future. It is our response to life’s events that ultimately create our future.

Yes, some events are beyond our control. This Saturday is the three year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. Lives were taken and lives were profoundly harmed. What was inspiring and remarkable were how many people I met who chose to survive, be grateful for their life, and find ways to re-build and thrive – even in places like Leogane – where 80-90% of EVERYTHING was destroyed and whole families were lost. You wouldn’t believe the grace and dignity that I witnessed during and in the first days after the quake when despair could have suffocated every breath.

E + R = O – we are responsible for how we respond – and that response creates our outcomes. We are responsible.

Terrific Day – Postcard Day 8

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This is a good question – that can be used in so many ways. It begins with “What are you teaching _______ (fill in the blank for yourself, a student, a subordinate, whomever). Today – I’d like to insert one of the most important people you will even have the privilege to have in your life.

“What are you teaching your child?”

When you go ballistic and have a temper tantrum (yes, we know adults have them too!), smoke, drink and drive, are rude or disrespectful, hurt them – in any way – physically, emotionally, psychologically, or even fail to read them a book or help them with their homework – what is it that you are teaching your child? When they see you being disrespected, staying in unkind and unsupportive relationships – what are you teaching your child?

What are you teaching yourself?

Terrific Life – Postcard Day 7

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The library is your friend – literally and figuratively – there are whole worlds of coaches, mentors, sages, goofuses, imagineers, and friends to show us the way, stand by our side, and who will even entertain us. 

On Day 3 we talked about changing what you don’t like – quit doing what doesn’t work. You don’t have to do that by yourself – or try to figure-it-all-out by yourself…Chances are that someone has gone through what you are going through – or has experienced something similar and might have figured-out new distinctions and solutions that can help you – they will help you to learn and solve your dilemmas faster and smarter…and maybe not feel so alone. 

Reading is a gift for the soul, the mind, and the heart…and a good fitness book – well used -can be a gift for the body as well! A library is a free cafeteria of understanding and knowledge – thousands of dollars of free conferences and seminars inside CDs and DVDs and between the covers of books teaching success principles and even woodcarving – and an added attraction is that a library almost always has big comfie chairs!

Go to the library – it will change your life!

Terrific Life – Postcard Day 6

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Can’t sleep? Write. I wonder why taking meds. or trying some trick to sleep are the answers to insomnia that are recommended and sought? It seems that if you can’t sleep, you might have something on-your-mind that needs to be dealt with. All the drugs in the world won’t change the fact that you have a need to express a thought, a concern, an idea, or an emotion…or all four.

Get a comfie blanket,  a cuppa’ herbal tea, your favorite pen, and an aesthetically pleasing journal – and JUST WRITE…Let whatever needs to flow from your soul – FLOW…And if you need to clean a drawer to feel some control – do that. But mostly – just write…you will be amazed by what that magical connection between your heart, mind, soul, the tips of your fingers, a beautiful pen and the lines on the paper before you will reveal…


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