Terrific Life – Postcard Day 5

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Dr. Stephen R. Covey – in his book Principle Centered Leadership – jumps right-out-in chapter 1 and declares that leaders exercise…So today’s message is short and to-the-point:

Exercise everyday.

There has been chit-chat that exercising 3 days a week is enough, no 5, no 30 minutes of intense heart-pounding aerobics, no 10 minutes a day…well fiddle-sticks – so many opinions! Turns-out that the most enduring, most logical, and most sensible advice for people of all ages, shapes and styles is really quite simple:

Exercise everyday…the more the merrier!


Terrific Life – Postcard Day 4

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Terrific Life – Postcard Day 4.

Terrific Life – Postcard Day 4

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“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” 
― Albert Einstein

A young friend of mine holds the belief that so many bad things have happened in her life because she has been rejected by God somehow…and that – if there were a God – she wouldn’t be worthy of being included in His circle anyway…

Her set of beliefs pulls her even further down into a self-dug well of helplessness…Ironically, she doesn’t yell at or talk to God – she just made-up-her-mind about what must be so based on her own ideas. To me that is a little like holding the conviction that a neighbor whom you’ve never met, hates you because your house if blue…that’s just silly…how do you know what your neighbor thinks until you talk to them and ask?

Go to church…wherever that may be for you – and have a chat…

Terrific Life – Postcard Day 3

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Day 3  is all about Einstein – “If you want different results, don’t do the same things” (or something close to that…you get the idea).

Truly – if you want different results in your life, change what you are doing, thinking, feeling or saying – results don’t lie… We do all get what we habitually think about, feel, do, and practice. If you’re unhappy – quit practicing being unhappy…

There is always a solution…Have a blessed day

10 Easy Steps to a Terrific Life – 28 days of post cards for you – day 2

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Today’s message is as simple and as profound as it gets.

In-order to have a terrific life…Be GRATEFUL!

Thank who needs thanking and focus on what you have, who you have, and what you know, can do, and the love you are capable of feeling.

Like the UC Berkeley study discovered – Smile – its impossible to be sad…

Check-it-out – a Forbes article about the study: http://www.forbes.com/sites/ericsavitz/2011/03/22/the-untapped-power-of-smiling/

Terrific Life Today – and a postcard for you for the next 28 days

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Dear Reader,

Beginning today 1/2/2013  and – each day thereafter – for 28 days – you’ll receive a postcard – little clues for a terrific life – each card will have a special message just for you!

Today’s message is ERASE!…

Your past doesn’t = your future – it just informs it. The only failures from your past are the ones that you did not learn from…once you’ve learned, then take the hurt, anger, sadness, disappointment, inferiority, sense of helplessness or whatever else hurt and ERASE those feelings…carry an eraser with you if you need.

Until you make room for what you do want to feel, your life’s pages are going to be very cluttered…so, ERASE what you don’t want!

10 Easy Steps to a Terrific Life

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10 Easy Steps to a Terrific Life


2.  Focus on better goals

3.  Be Grateful

4.  Exercise every day!

5.  Go to the Library!

6.  Laugh often!

7.  Get good coaches

8.  Get God

9.  Make a good plan

10. Act on your plan every day!Image 

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